Virtual Cacao Ceremonies

Accessible sacred space to connect, tune in and ground, no matter where in the world you are.



*these free community gatherings are hosted on a video call platform called Zoom. Please have an account ready so you’re able to tune in to the call on time with ease. Signing up is easy peasy.

What The Heck Is A Cacao Ceremony?

First timer? Little freaked out about how keen I am on chocolate? I wrote a blog post for you.


Make it sacred


What if we didn’t save the ceremonial just for special occasions?
What if we could make the mundane a little more magical? What if the tiny beautiful things in our daily lives were amplified and appreciated for the freedom, joy and delight they bring us that we often overlook?

Here’s some white hot truth: life is full. AF. More than ever, we are accessible and activated, with turned on nervous systems that are begging for us to recalibrate the way things have been done. We are being invited to soften. To slow down. To attune to the rhythms of nature and find resonance with our Source, so we can embody the optimal vitality we all have access to.

I dare you to take the sacred pause.

What is it that you need most?
Whether it’s
a moment to catch your breath,
a deep release
coming back to your body
hitting reset on your nervous system
a reminder of how held you really are
activating your sense of trust
remembering your essence
letting go of heaviness
acknowledging pain
or simply a desire to be in communion with others, with your source…

this ceremony will allow you to come home to yourself.

Join me in ritual and reverence


Prepare your cup of cacao:

- 2 TB ceremonial grade cacao OR 1-2 TB raw cacao powder (available in most grocery/bulk food stores) + 1 TB cacao butter
- tiny pinch of cayenne/chilli + cinnamon
- 1 cup boiled water left to cool to warm

- 1 drop orange essential oil
- 1 drop clove essential oil
- 1/4 tsp reishi/chaga mushroom
- 1/4 tsp mesquite powder

Collect all ingredients and add to a blender.
Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and invite in the spirit of cacao to the array of ingredients before you blend them in to union.

Blend for 20-30 seconds and pour in to a mug or cup that feels sacred to you. Resist that cheeky sip and save it for our ceremony!

Create Sacred Space for our ceremony:

- turn your phone on airplane mode
- lock the door/ensure you have a quiet space to settle in to
- gather cushions and blankets to create a comfortable seat on the floor
- dim the lights and set some candles alight
- burn some sacred wood (palo santo) or sage to clear the energy of the room


I’m thrilled to share this sacred practice with you. If bringing the ceremonial to your everyday adventure called Life sounds lush, you can drop in to the vibes anytime by listening to this lovingly curated playlist here.


“With this cup of cacao, I gift my cosmic body space to renew, recalibrate + soften. I attune to the cellular upgrade that is always happening with appreciation and openness. I settle in to self connection + honour what is arising.”


If you’re a seeker on your own expression of the spirited path, it can feel lonely. Wild. Chaotic. Beautiful. Magical. Messy. Unsettled. Ground in this gathering with like minded folks who get you without the pressure of needing to be anyone other than what you are.

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